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Holiday trip
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My Holiday Trip


During the school holidays, I and my parents were planning which beautiful places to go. After we considered for a long time, my mother thought of an idea and told us, ‘Hey, why don’t we go to the beach in Sabah? I heard from my colleagues about that beach, they said the scenery over there is very nice.’

 I agreed with my mother’s opinion. Then, my father booked three air tickets and requested some interesting places in Sabah.

At November 2004, we reached to the capital city of Sabah that is Kota Kinabalu. We were going to stay there for three days two nights.

         We went to a hotel called Nexus Lagoon Hotel. Many people went there especially the Mat Saleh. First of all, my father, mother and I strode around the beach and enjoyed the sea breeze. Many children were building sand castles, collecting sea shells and playing volleyball by the beach.

         The facilities and services in that hotel are also very good. They provide many facilities and services such as


©         gym room               

©         bicycle riding      

©         massage room

©         golf field

©         parachuting

©         snorkelling

©         diving



 At night, we enjoyed the barbeque dinner on the beach. The waiters in the hotel played guitar to entertain us. After that, we also watched the traditional dances of Kadazan and Iban. The dancers were very experienced.

        I enjoyed the trip in Sabah so much, hope all of you have the opportunity to visit such wonderful places.